About Gemstar

Gems are rare commodities in high demand. And there are many hidden gems in Australia’s technology sector –technologies that need to have light shone on them and be bought to market in Australia but also accessed in regional and global markets. GemStar is a company that has a clear vision to help achieve this.

Gemstar is not your everyday accelerator or incubator.

We take a very tailored approach to the entrepreneurs and companies we assist so that the advice and programmes that we suggest are highly targeted and effective for their business.

We are driven to get results and help companies succeed. And we make sure we help and guide companies  with nurture and care.

We are experienced business people, managers and entrepreneurs. We’ve built companies before from scratch and helped to expand bigger companies so we know what it takes.

We bring you insights and experience in the areas that matter most – strategic marketing, finance and commercialisation, business development and growth strategies.

We bring extensive experience in the Australian and Asian markets, bringing technology firms immediate expertise, experience and relationships, not found elsewhere.

We take advantage of not only domestic but international commercial opportunities, especially in the region through a strong network.

We provide a platform for key tech stakeholders to easily collaborate, pursue research and commercial opportunities.

We use our broad international network to connect you to the right partners at the right level creating the tailored opportunities you need to expand and reducing wasted time and effort in doing so.

Our Story

Australia boasts a highly educated workforce. We have many techpreneurs conducting research and development, and designing innovative technology. To commercialise their ideas however, techpreneurs need help.  Gemstar’s mission is to play a leadership role, bridging the existing gap between tech firms,  investors, technology funds and markets. We also aim to bridge the gap between Australia and the SE Asia region, through Singapore as a key gateway into SE Asia.

Gemstar provides an end-to-end strategic commercial consulting service for any company, with a technology or innovation platform to take to market. From investment, growth, marketing and communications strategies, to technology and IP advice– we have your entire go-to-market and commercial needs covered.

Gemstar is the shining light for many technology start-ups and fast growth companies.

Our Values

We’re game changers

Challenging your ideas
Engaging in design thinking
Unearthing “hidden” gems
Innovating business models

We give

Relevant and timely advice
A 360 holistic view
Access to regional networks
Access to assistance programs

We grow

Commercial ideas and insight
Brand, profile and networks
Revenue and profit
Geographical footprint

We galvanise

Pieces of the commercialisation puzzle
Ideas into a commercial reality
Key stakeholders across business & tech
Needs and requirements of all stakeholders

We generate opportunities

Introductions tailored to your business
Engage at a higher level
Reduce wasted effort
Strong international network

You gain

Regional and global reach
Measurable results
Tangible value
A trusted & connected partner