Problems we solve

We connect you with the right tech firms, investors, technology funds and markets to turn your vision into a reality. And we guide you every step of the way. From investment, to growth, marketing and communications strategies, to technology and IP advice, banking, office support and compliance services, we have your go-to-market and commercial needs covered.


Australian companies tend to think only of the market inside Australia. Gemstar challenges this perspective. We see the South-East Asia region as a huge and largely untapped market for Australian companies. Here in Australia, we have a wealth of talent  with enormous potential to expand regionally and globally. Through our strategic networks and partners on the ground, we bridge the gap between Australia and SE Asia, ensuring that the broader region has access to our client’s technologies.


Technology experts have wonderful ideas– but they don’t always know how to communicate them. Effective communication with stakeholders and the market is crucial. We leverage strategic marketing through our sister company, Manning & Co, drawing upon our extensive experience in the Australian and Asian markets. We bring technology firms the immediate expertise, networks and relationships not found elsewhere, paving the way for growth via Singapore.


Tech firms know their technology inside-out, including the benefits of what they want to develop. Finance experts know the figures. What’s often missing is knowing how to connect the two in a cohesive way. How do you develop a product that makes sense for both the investor and end customer? We are communication experts who bring it all together. Through our strong networks, we drive domestic and international commercial opportunities, creating deep and lasting engagement with the market.


Once you have a technology, vision and funding, what is your growth strategy? We are experts at developing strategic business, growth and marketing plans. We will support the growth of your technology, not only in Australia, but in the global arena. We’re a connector, incubator and enabler. Drawing upon our commercial acumen, knowledge and experience, strong relationships, and communication and marketing expertise, we bring the right technologies, funds, investors and customers together.

What we do

  • We connect technologies, funds and investors through effective market engagement.
  • We develop effective marketing strategies that cover the entire marketing mix.
  • We provide strategic advice on growth and commercialisation.
  • We guide tech firms through the commercialisation maze, utilising our specialised partner network in Australia and Singapore – business structures, partner arrangements.
  • We promote regional and global expansion for Australian tech firms.

Our Services

We advise you

We provide advice regarding the best strategic approach to growing your company in new markets.

We advise you on:

  • The right partners/contacts to connect to up front, saving time and cost.
  • The best structure to take during the entry and growth process in new markets.
  • The best options for assistance, both locally and in new foreign markets.
  • Your strategies, plans and budgets, providing advice about expected direction.

We connect

  • Our sister company, Manning & Co, is well established and well connected in Australia and regionally.
  • Given our strong business, media and other stakeholder connections, we are able to leverage our trusted networks and partner relationships. We bring local and regional investment and market opportunities to the doorsteps of our clients.
  • We are communication experts. We are in the business of brining together key stakeholders and communicating effectively to meet their own needs. We provide our clients with every opportunity to get their technologies out there, attracting interest from the start.

We market your technologies

  • We create effective marketing strategies for the technologies in our portfolio.
  • We do this by working closely with our full-service strategic marketing arm, Manning & Co.
  • Together we create and develop brand , marketing and PR strategies that will support the business direction of the technologies that we represent.
  • We further develop effective digital and online strategies and creative design, raising the profile of our technologies in any market across the globe.

We promote Australia

We promote Australia regionally via the following channels:

  • Australian high commission and Austrade.
  • Singapore government contacts.
  • Business networks in foreign markets.
  • Attending and presenting at overseas industry expos.
  • Planning and running oversea partner trade missions.