Immersion Program

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Unearthing Singapore is far more than just a Trade Mission or tour – it’s a transformational journey that gives Australian technology companies a first-hand experience, deep understanding and taste of Singapore’s vibrant ecosystem and entrepreneurial culture. It’s about immersing yourself in Singapore’s cutting-edge innovation environment, ranked 7th in the world on the 2015 Global Innovation Index.

Unearthing Singapore aims to connect Aussie techpreneurs to influential investors, partners and customers, with a focus on future growth prospects and business deals. By unearthing Singapore for Australian companies, we aim to bring our homegrown innovations and technologies to market faster locally, regionally and globally, with maximum impact and scale.

In recent years, Singapore has shown growing interest in Australia as a key place for breeding and nurturing some of the world’s best technologies and innovations. This was reflected in 2015, when Gemstar was personally invited by Singapore’s National Research Foundation, part of the Prime Minister’s office, to showcase Australian technology companies at their annual TechVenture conference. This was the first time in the conference’s 20 year history that Australia was formally showcased – and we have since been invited back for the 2016 TechVenture.

The mission of Unearthing Singapore is to encourage Australian talent to prioritise SE Asia in their growth plans. We aim to unearth Australia’s budding entrepreneurs and top tech talent in the right places, with exposure to the right decision-makers and influencers. We achieve via Singapore – the world’s first Smart Nation – as a gateway.

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“To integrate all of the technology and possibilities into a coherent and comprehensive whole…will make our economy more productive, our lives better, and our society more responsive to our people’s needs and aspirations.”

– Singaporean Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong

What to expect

Your company/ representative(s) can also expect:

Tailored meetings

Up to 10 tailored 1-1 meetings with potential customers, investors and/or collaborators depending on the agreed strategic focus of the visit.

Partner showcases

Visit the premises of some of Gemstar’s partners and hear them present business triumphs, the perks of the Singapore innovation environment, and what they are looking for in terms of innovation to keep them competitive.

Exclusive introductions

Get introduced to the Australian High Commission (Austrade) and selected associations connected to Australia. Benefit from tailored 1-1 meetings with our contacts in the Singaporean government department most suited to your innovation.

Media exposure

Benefit from Australian and Asian media exposure managed through Gemstar’s media network. Previous Trade Missions have had extensive media coverage with global outreach, including a documentary by the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, and articles in the The CEO Magazine, ZDNet and SBS News.

Get immersed

Experience Singapore’s innovative culture and infrastructure first-hand, with a trip to Launchpad (Singapore’s tech Startup precinct). Other visits include key government R&D premises and a tour of FusionWorld, which exhibits award-winning and cutting-edge innovations that have been created locally.

Networking opportunities

Experience a Gemstar-hosted reception, with the opportunity to present and network with local Asian business people, as well as Australian expats who have built successful businesses in Singapore.

Vibrant local culture

Unwind after a busy week of meetings and networking by enjoying Singapore’s rich culture and cuisine, in a Gemstar-hosted cultural evening.

Alumni membership

Become a member of the Gemstar Alumni network and enjoy exclusive access to cross-promotional opportunities via Gemstar’s sister company, Manning & Co.