Welcome to YoungGems™ – Nurturing future entrepreneurial talent

According to recent research, 9 out of 10 start-ups fail. This is an alarming statistic, especially when you consider that Governments around the world, including Singapore and Australia, are actively promoting strong innovation agendas with a clear call to arms to create more innovative businesses and start-ups.

With such high failure rates, launching any kind of start-up and then building a sustainable business is not for the faint-hearted. Yet, around the globe, never has entrepreneurship been such a glamourous, promoted and popular career choice.

At Gemstar, our vision is to unearth talent in Australia and Singapore to build exciting new businesses with global relevancy. Our Young Entrepreneurs Program will guide budding YoungGems™ in a way that addresses the key reasons why most-start-ups fail. Rather than start with the technology and innovation in mind, Gemstar has designed its program to be marketing-led – an approach that is key to business success because it helps young talent understand the ‘why’ of doing business and the problem(s) they are trying to solve.

Through real-world experience and practical master classes, Gemstar guides young entrepreneurs through the business journey from marketing, brand-building and financial literacy, to supporting the commercialisation of their business idea across the region.

As part of the course, some of the Masterclasses covered are:

Entrepreneurship and me

Introducing real-world entrepreneurship through story telling.

What is entrepreneurship?

Secret sauce of entrepreneurship

What kind of entrepreneur are you?

Unearthing your passion

Define your personal brand

Solving problems

Why businesses fail?

Building a business beyond ideation

First impressions count

The roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship

Telling your story

The business and you

What is your business?

The Why of Marketing

Understand your market landscape

Your brand essence

Branding brilliance

The Marketing-led business Plan

Selling as a Science

Nailing the numbers

A deep dive into the numbers

Becoming the business owner

Finance 101

Entrepreneurship in action

What is your go-to market strategy now that you are ready to embark on your business?

Financial models for sustainable global businesses

Fine tuning your financial model

Financing Options - Keeping you & your business afloat while you build it

How do you build profile online?

Introducing modern PR in a digital world

Pitching it with impact

Building your pitch - bringing it all together

Public speaking?

Telling a winning story